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Texas Honey Basket (32oz)

Texas Honey Basket (32oz)

Texas Honey Basket (32oz)


- 4 Flavors of Texas Honey (8oz Jars)

- Free Carrying Crate!

- Free Shipping!!!


32oz Muth Jar Honey Basket

Four flavors of Texas Honey! 

Each flavor is bottled in a classic "muth jar" designed by Charles Muth in the 1800's. The Muth Jar was one of the first jars to be made specifically for honey. Combined with the hand crafted wooden carrying crate, these little bundles of sweetness make a perfect gift!

To learn more about each honey, see below:

Clover Honey

Hive Location: CentralTexas
Good Pairings: Excellent to drizzle this buttery honey over: (1) yogurt & fresh berries, (2) yogurt & almonds or (3) pecans & vanilla ice cream. Also, amazing to pair a touch of Clover honey with Italian Cheese (Parmesan or Pecorino) and your favorite warm bread or cracker
Description:Texas Clover Honey is light, smooth and has a sweet buttery flavor. Its soft golden color gives it the look of the quintessential honey! Clover honey is an excellent table honey. It pairs well with almonds or pecans in some homemade yogurt. Clover honey has an excellent bouquet and is complimentary to many foods.

Mesquite Tree Honey

Hive Location: Southwest Texas
Good Pairings: Excellent for baking light breads, Perfect on top of a warm fluffy biscuit and makes some amazing Margaritas.
Description: Mesquite Honey is a lightly floral and pleasantly mild honey produced in the Southwest as well as Northern Mexico. To produce this premium honey, bees source nectar from the Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) as well as the lesser known Screwbean Mesquite (Prosopis pubescens). Even though there are plenty of Mesquite trees in North & Central Texas, mesquite honey is not reliable for a consistent crop. The trees need consistent dry dessert climates to keep up the nectar for the bees to produce surplus stores.

Tallow Tree Honey

Hive Location: Gulf Coast of Texas
Good Pairings: bold coffee, French toast, black tea, English muffins and a great sweetener (sugar substitute) for apple pies
Description:The Chinese Tallow Tree was introduced to the Gulf Coast and Houston area in the 1950's. The honey that is produced from these trees is full-bodied with a hint of cinnamon and is a sure delight! Honey bees love the tallow tree as its golden tags literally drip nectar from them mid-May to mid-June every year. As the bees flourish in these trees, the honey flows. And, what great honey it is! If you live on the gulf coast, you have and amazing table honey with the allergy benefits! Enjoy!

Wildflower Honey

Hive Location: Central Texas
Good Pairings: blue cheese, walnuts, yogurt and an excellent table honey!
Description:We love this honey! It's a flavorful, multi-floral and sweet honey. Our Wildflower Bee Hives are located in the Blacklands of Central Texas. The Blackland Prairies are remnants of an ancient sea-shore and the 5-15 mile wide strip of land has an abundance of wild flowers like Indian Blanket, Horsemint and Coreopsis that flourish in late spring and early summer. The blend of these wildflowers makes some amazing honey!

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